Putting improvement and learning at the heart of care

A very warm welcome to Insight Coaching & Consultancy Ltd – your first stop for health and social care consultancy services!

Above all, people matter!

The most successful organisations are those who see the true worth of their people. They strive to involve them in the issues that matter. Why? Inspiring and leading collaboratively enables your workforce to achieve more. Most importantly – your customers will get the best service possible.

Involving your workforce earlier in developing your company’s business, quality and learning frameworks will lead to greater workforce satisfaction, more passion to achieve and increased connection with your organisation’s goals and each other. Most importantly though – it will ensure that the people you support get the best outcomes and quality of life they deserve.
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You are not alone in wanting to lead your people.

I want them to achieve the best they can for your business

My name is Lesley Sinclair and I help teams and organisations in the care sector to work smarter instead of working harder, by ensuring the right work is done by the right teams at the right time and in the right way.

I do this by providing organisational specific:

  • Business Improvement Consultancy
  • Learning & Development Programmes
  • Health & Social Care and Management Training
  • Coaching

Coaching & Consultancy Services

Business Improvement

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Insight Coaching & Consultancy will help you to actively collaborate with your workforce to ensure that your strategic journey allows for, and actually encourages, learning and adaptation over time.

Learning & Development

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We will work with you and your workforce to ensure that your Learning & Development Framework is fully in line with your strategy, blended in nature and fully bespoke to the needs of the organisation.


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Coaching will enable you to take time to think. It will provide you with the opportunity to feel truly listened to and will help build your understanding and awareness of key areas in your life.

Training Courses

business training for health and care homes
As an experienced trainer I can design and deliver bespoke training activity which not only meets the needs of your organisation, but is challenging and enjoyable for your staff.