Support Planning

Description of Course

This full day workshop will explore the importance of placing the individual at the centre of the development of their support plan to ensure that they achieve their personal outcomes.  Participants will explore the Talking Points approach to personal outcomes, why personal outcomes can make a difference to those receiving care and what their role is to change the conversation from a deficit to outcomes focus. 

 We will look at planning, recording, implementing and reviewing support plans and the challenges that can exist around this.  This is an interactive workshop that enables participants to actively identify and work within an outcomes focussed framework.

Who is it for?

Any individual working in care whether for statutory services or non-registered care providers

What will I learn?

All participants will be able to show that they: 

  • Understand the background, legislation and frameworks that inform support planning in Scotland
  • Have an improved awareness of the importance of confidentiality and data protection when undertaking support planning
  • Understand the Talking Points Approach and its benefits to supporting people to achieve their personal outcomes
  • Have an improved knowledge of what is important to include in a support plan to ensure that a person centred approach is taken

Where is the session?

Your session can be undertaken in your workplace or at a venue arranged by Insight Coaching & Consultancy Ltd.

“Lesley was great at explaining things and made sure we understood everything she was talking about”