Professional Supervision Skills

Description of Course

Supervision is a critical component of any good health and social care practice.  It contributes to safe, consistent practice and encourages and supports reflection and improvement.  It is an integral method of providing support for individual. Making sure they are not working in isolation and have access to advice and guidance from their manager or experienced colleagues.   

This half day workshop will explore the reason for supervision as set out in the SSSCs Step into Leadership Supervision Resource and will provide an interactive setting for exploring the benefits supervision can bring to all.   

Who is it for?

First line managers or staff working towards this, who have contact with and provide support, care, treatment to people accessing health and social care services

What will I learn?

All participants will be able to show that they:
1. Can outline the key aspects of professional supervision
2. Understand the key components required within a supervision contract and the benefits of using this in practice
3. Understand the importance of ensuring a balanced supervision process and its links to performance management within an organisation
4. Recognise the importance of evaluating and reviewing supervision practice to enable continuous improvement
5. Can identify key learning to take forward to improve supervision in the future

Where is the session?

Your session can be undertaken in your workplace or at a venue arranged by Insight Coaching & Consultancy Ltd.
“Relevant knowledge. Appropriate and thought provoking scenarios.”