Data Protection and GDPR

Description of Course

This half day workshop aims to provide an overview of the seven principles that underpin the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and to provide participants with the opportunity to explore the impact and consequences of non-compliance in a Social Care setting.

Who is it for?

Any individual working in care whether for statutory services or non-registered care providers

What will I learn?

Participants will:
• Have improved knowledge of what is meant by the term ‘personal data’ in a care setting context
• Understand the terminology used within the regulation and be able to relate this to their role
• Be aware of the eight rights an individual has in relation to their personal data
• Understand the importance of using technology safely in the workplace to ensure data protection is maintained
• Understand the impact and consequences of non-compliance with the legislation and the impact this can have on the organisation
• Know what is required for consent under the GDPR and know what constitutes privacy breaches in their daily work

Where is the session?

Your session can be undertaken in your workplace or at a venue arranged by Insight Coaching & Consultancy Ltd.
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