Six Session Coaching Package

Structured coaching plans

Giving you space to think

Investing time in yourself is critical to help you fulfil your goals in life.

If you are looking to develop yourself either professionally or personally over the next 6-12 months then the six-session coaching package may be for you! Your six sessions will take you through a journey which will enable you to realise your potential and identify and achieve your goals.

Your sessions gives you time and space to think so you can build greater self-awareness, fulfilment and understanding. As your coach, I will listen, support, challenge and actively encourage you to be the best that you can be.

For more information on how your coaching sessions will be structured please click here – this link goes to current website and is no longer required as the new website has it within the six-session coaching element.

Coaching session structure

Session 1

Introduction to coaching
I will tell you about the purpose of coaching, what it is and isn’t and what the boundaries are in terms of the roles of coach and coachee.   We will discuss confidentiality and sign an agreement around this.

Snapshot today
We will use a tool called the “Wheel of Life” to explore the different aspects of your life.  This will give us both the opportunity to learn about you and what is important to you.

Goal setting
We will use a reflection to narrow down areas that you would like to focus on during your coaching sessions. You will undertake an exercise using visualization as a tool to assist you to identify the main changes that you would like to make before moving on to your next session.

Session 2

Building and committing to your development plan
In session 2, I will introduce you to action planning.  We will begin to build a development plan which will enable you to work towards your goal identified in session 1.  You will brainstorm ideas, explore thoughts that are important to you.  We will also discuss what will help you move closer to your goal.  We will do this by creating an action plan that will help breakdown some of the barriers that may exist and identify steps that you would like to take to break those down.

Learning and changes
Coaching is about developing and growing you.  At the end of each session we will discuss what your learning has been since your last session and capture this for review and further discussion later in your coaching journey

Session 3 & 4

Review and set your action plans
You will be able to tell me about all the great work you have been doing and what you have achieved from your action plan!  I will encourage you, get excited with you and provide challenge and assistance  if things didn’t go quite go to plan.  Don’t worry if it didn’t – there is always a solution!  Once we have discussed your progress we will continue to develop and identify key actions that you want to take forward to move even closer to your goal.  Session 3 & 4 take the same format.

Learning and changes

Session 5

Review action plan and check for changesIn session 5 we will have a chat about your overall plan and check what changes you feel have taken place since you started your coaching.  We will explore where you are in terms of reaching your goal and set any necessary actions to ensure that you continue all the great work that you have been doing.  It is important that the changes you make continue so we will look at how you can keep going with the changes you have made after your coaching sessions have finished.

I will ask you to think about an affirmation that is important to you and that will support you in keeping moving forward and will also ask you to review your learning and make notes for some discussion in Session 6.

Learning and changes

Session 6

Reviewing final actions

In session 6 we will review any final actions you have and check that you are happy with how you are going so that you can keep going with all the great changes you have made.

 Reviewing “Wheel of Life”

It’s important that you feel that you have moved closer to your goal, your dreams and your aspirations therefore in session 6, we will re-do the Wheel of Life that you did in session 1 and compare the scoring and findings from it.  We will discuss what this means and feels like for you and add any additional actions that you would like to take forward following your last session.

Highlighting and celebrating your Journey

We will both have a chat about what lessons you feel you have taken forward during your journey and what have been the highs and lows.  More importantly, we will undertake a final exercise where I will support you to develop an affirmation that puts you in a positive place, at a time you want to be, doing what you want to do so that you can look back on your achievements with pride!