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Improving Business and Quality of Care

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Whether you are looking to refine your current systems or develop new ones; uniting people behind a common purpose and direction is a core success factor. It is so important to create connections across your workforce and the people you support to get the best outcomes for everyone which is why strong business, quality and learning frameworks are critical to great business.

Making sure you achieve great outcome focussed support for the people you care for can be challenging but exciting all at the same time! Since the introduction of the Health & Social Care Standards in 2018, the Care Inspectorate have changed how they inspect care and support. This has resulted in the introduction of their Quality Framework for Inspection of Care Services. The focus for inspections is now firmly around the experiences and outcomes for individuals – can you confidently evidence the difference your care is making to people and the quality of their lives? Like many, you might find this a difficult one to answer with absolute certainty but don’t worry – together, we can inspire, create pride and enable everyone to show their strengths and unity in the delivery great outcomes for all!

I will help you to actively collaborate with your workforce and the people you support ensuring that your journey towards greater quality assurance in care allows for and encourages learning and growth. I will work with you to ensure that your business processes and quality and learning framework stand up to scrutiny and enable you to answer with confidence the statement we all want to know ….. that your service delivers great person-centred care based on the outcomes of the people you support.

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