It is important to me that I provide a great service and that people who meet and work with me have a positive experience.   I wanted to share feedback received so that you can see what others have said about their experiences. Please do get in touch if you would like to chat further

Joanne Sullivan & Calum Harris, Trust Care

Lesley is amazing! She has helped us in so many different ways and has consistently delivered an exceptionally professional and quality product in all areas.

Areas within which Lesley has proven herself to excel:

The training of care staff with exceptional feedback on her effectiveness, approachability, enthusiasm and clarity.

The evaluation, consultation and creation of a detailed and fully compliant company policy and procedures manual with an exceptional level of detail and accuracy.

The delivery of senior level coaching and mentoring package with immediate positive and tangible outcomes for management staff.

The analysis and development of fully legislatively compliant training packages for the care sector.

Most of all though, Lesley is a pleasure to work with, is passionate, personable and lights up the office when she’s here. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Let her have a look at your business. It will only benefit you.
Diana S, Edinburgh

I felt nurtured and I felt the process was very gentle, very encouraging, very supportive and also very illuminating in that it lit my way forward. Like I was lost in darkness and you came along and shone a light on me which penetrated the darkness sufficiently for me to find my path.
Coachee, Perth

Lesley is extremely friendly and helped to create a comfortable environment to have an open and frank discussion, enabling me to share things which I’d otherwise find quite challenging to speak about. The sessions I had made me a more confident person and we worked together to create some very positive goals which I’m pleased to say I have achieved.
My amazing view!

Lesley, through discussion told me that she has recently finished her coaching course and was looking for some volunteers. I was only half listening (Sorry Lesley) as was my normal as I had so much to do that my mind was always racing ahead. It was a couple of weeks later when I was having some work related problems that I remembered the word coaching and stupidly (NOW) thought Lesley could coach me with this. My perception at that time was that I would meet with Lesley tell her my woes and she would help me fix them. How wrong was I …… read more
Coachee, Edinburgh

I completed Life Coaching with Lesley in June and I found her a fantastic support. Lesley used various models and tools to support my decision making around a particular life decision. Lesley was personable and creative, and she adapted her approach if we seemed to be reaching a dead end. I would go back to her again for support and I’ve no hesitation in recommending her.
Composer/Festival Co-ordinator, Edinburgh

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lesley in partnership settings around themes such as workforce strategy and organisational development. Lesley is a positive and creative collaborator and is very experienced in bringing people and perspectives together to coproduce work and get the best out of people and their ideas.