Your coaching sessions

Investing time in yourself is critical to help you fulfill your goals in life.  If you are looking to develop yourself either professionally or personally over the next 6-12 months then the six-session coaching package may be for you! Your six sessions will take you through a journey which will enable you to realise your potential and identify and achieve your goals. Your sessions gives you time and space to think so you can build greater self-awareness, fulfillment and understanding. As your coach, I will listen, support, challenge and actively encourage you to be the best that you can be.





For more information on how your coaching sessions will be structured please click here.

Situation Coaching Session
Got a one-off situation that you would like to explore?  Situational coaching will help you work through a challenge and identify solutions to move the issue forward.  I will use the GROW model to help you to work through a one-off situation or issue.  Doing this will assist you to achieve your goal or solution.  I will ask you questions and encourage you to move your thinking in a more positive direction.  You will commit to identify key actions to help you to move forward.

How long does your session last?
Your session will typically last between 45 and 90 minutes depending on the complexity of the issue you are exploring.

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