Who am I?

Lesley Sinclair, Director, ICC Ltd

I am an experienced business professional and coach with over 20 years experience leading and managing in health and social care.  I’m comfortable and experienced in the art of negotiation and facilitation and regularly use and share my skills to achieve results.

My passion for Learning & Development and its linkages with developing successful strategy and policies within the workplace are what drive me every day.

Are interested in developing your organisation’s strategy and policies in a way which encourages collaborative engagement and continuous learning? Then I would love to work with you to achieve your business or personal goals.   Why not drop me an email today and make use of my free 30-minute consultation – we can have an informal chat over a coffee and look at how we might work together.

What I offer



    • Coaching (Typically 3-6 months; situational coaching to create solutions)


  • Targeted training (Leadership, Management and Improvement Facilitated Workshops for Change)

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